With the passing of HB3 there are several changes being implemented this fall. See Below, Pre-K 4 year old programs are required to be full–day but are still funded for ½ day ADA.

  • Full day Pre-K will be reported under the 75,600 Operational minutes, including intermissions, meals, rest time and recess for students. (Bell to Bell) (HB3 section 2.019 requires 4 year old Prekindergarten programs to be full-day)
  • Full day Pre-K will be reported on their own track
  • Half Day Pre-K Programs -which can continue to operate for 3 year olds will be reported with 32,400 instructional minutes. The instructional minutes include intermission, meals and recess for students. Rest time is still excluded from instructional minutes.
  • All eligible Pre-K students will still be coded 2- Eligible for Half Day Attendance (HB3 section 1.013 continues to provide half day ADA)
  • Districts may choose to use the Early Education Allotment to supplement the second half of the Pre-K Day

To track the data, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) will need to collect more detailed information about the Pre-K instructional programs being offered on each campus. TEA has added 2 new Instructional Program Type Codes and updated the reporting on code 04 to support collection of HB3:

  • 04 - Prekindergarten Other Programs (including school districts and charter schools approved to operate after January 1, 2015) – Half-day programs for three-year-old students and half-day ineligible three and four-year-old students (no waiver required)
  • 14 - Full-day Prekindergarten Program following 75,600 Operational Minutes (eligible and ineligible three and four-year-olds)
  • 15* - Half-day Prekindergarten Program with Waiver following 32,400 Instructional Minutes (including school districts and charter schools approved to operate after January 1, 2015)

    * Program Type Code 15 may only be used if the LEA has the Pre-K Waiver. If you have a Pre-K waiver ½ ineligible Pre-K students may be carried on the track using Program Type code 15.

There will be a waiver for LEAs not meeting the 75,600 minute requirement this year. The waiver will not be available until January. There are exemptions to apply for the waiver. For more information on HB3 Pre-K and the waiver information there is a video offered on the TEA website - HB 3 - Prekindergarten. The Power Point for the video presentation can be found by CLICKING HERE, the Pre-K Exemptions and waiver information start on page 27.