Per the "To the Administrator Addressed Letter (TAA)" regarding changes to Discipline from the 86th Legislative Session, there are important changes to how discipline is reported in PEIMS.  

HB 692 amended TEC §37.005 to prohibit the out-of-school suspension of homeless students unless the student engages in certain behaviors defined by TEC §37.005(c)(1)-(3) while on school property or while attending a school-sponsored or school-related activity on or off school property.

This will be enforced by a new fatal Edit (the edit number has not been released yet) .


44425-XXXX - If this student’s HOMELESS-STATUS-CODE is not “0”, and DISCIPLINARY-ACTION-CODE is "05" or "25", then DISCIPLINARY-ACTION-REASON-CODE should be "04", "05", "11", "12", "13", "14", "27", "28", "29", "30", "31", or "32".

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